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Sybyzgy. The sybyzgy was the favourite instrument of wind instruments. It entered firmly the musical life of people. The sybyzgy helped shepards when they were in isolation on the remote pastures, it made people happy in the evenings when they had a rest. Musicians told and played fine ancient legends and traditions. Sybyzgy players were welcome visitors at all festivals. The simplicity of sybyzgy construction made it widely popular. It was made of a hollow reed tube. There were three holes in the sybyzgy. It was easy and quick to make sybyzgy, but it was considered to be rather difficult to learn playing it. Sybyzgy kiuis usually are in two parts: one part is derived from the instrument, other one is guttural voice of the performer. One had to master the art of synchronous performance. In addition to the reed sybyzgy there were wooden ones.

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